Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopping List

Heres what I got (and you'll need) to make your own alcohol:
-Granulated Sugar
-Active Dry Yeast
-1 Gallon Plastic Jugs (I bought the cheap store brand juice that comes in the milk-like jugs for only a $1 it just needs to be sterile so I found its just easier to buy new ones)
-Frozen Juice concentrate (try to avoid citrus flavored)

I'm going to go try this out. I did it successfully like two years ago but its been awhile so hopefully it'll work out.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Things to do this week

1) Build Model Rockets- Not exactly model rockets, more like homemade rockets for the purpose of destroying them mid-air
2) Make homemade alcohol. Keeping it klassy.

Only one of these activities is relevant here, so I'll get some photos and details up tomorrow.

Gummy Bears

This takes five or so days to make, but they're pretty fantastic. All you need is some vodka, some gummy bears (or worms, just make sure they're the transparent gummy type and NOT the sour neon kind), a glass dish and some plastic wrap.

Place all of the gummy bears into the glass bowl, and fill it with vodka just so that the gummy bears are submerged. Cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap, through the bowl in the fridge, and in three to five days the gummy bears will have absorbed all of the vodka. You'll notice that the gummy bears are quite a bit larger too.

The gummys are not all going to have the same potency, so use your best judgement when consuming them. Also, 3-5 days is only an estimate, and it may take shorter. You'll know they're ready when most of the vodka has been absorbed. I say most of the vodka because there will always be some residue left at the bottom- some very tasty alcoholic residue. Enjoy!


College will teach you a lot of things, but there is absolutely no way to prepare yourself for the flurry of knowledge you will acquire related to alcohol. I'm going to keep you informed on the latest and greatest in alcohol consumption. Don't worry, its all going to be orthodox- none of that taking shots through your eyeballs kind of rubbish.